"3,000 rounds later everything functioned flawlessly"

Below is a review posted by a US military instructor that contacted us about some of our products:

I've been having a problem at a KD range on post for some time now. It's a nice range that goes out to 1500 meters but the targetry isn't all that great. I called Jeremy at AR15targets.com and explained my dilemma. I wanted to inquire about his targets and pricing. Instead he said how about I give you some of our electronic targets to try out. Obviously I was stoked, especially since I had just seen these targets in action at a local 2 gun match that Jeremy coordinated.

I picked up the targets and equipment from him Saturday. I was worried about how complicated all the electronics would be. I won't lie, I was a bit skeptical. In the chance it went down I just figured I would at least have IPSC size steel targets anyway so it wasn't a big deal. In two days, and about 3,000 rounds later everything functioned flawlessly. The electronics are so easy anyone who has ever operated a radio or walkie talkie will understand exactly how they work.

I won't get into great details but the basic rundown of the system is this. You have a receiver at your position and transmitter in a pre-made slot on the back of the target. Inside the transmitter is a vibration sensor. The vibration from the target being hit sends a signal to the receiver which then lights up and beeps. This sensor is sensitive enough to register a .223 hit at 1000 yards. He also said the transmitter and receiver would keep a signal with each other out to a mile. I also tested this. I was 1.2 miles away and hit the sensor with my hand. The person with the receiver said it registered the hit.

It was great being able to spot for myself. I could hear the steel ringing, but at further distances and 25 mph winds all day having the audible beep from the receiver made things much easier.

The range..

The two clear pelican cases to my left are the receivers. The transmitters are in smaller pelican cases. In order to maximize target usage throughout the teams we programmed one receiver for the near three targets and the second for the far three targets. We had targets set up from 500 to 1000 meters.

We had such success with the first range that we decided the next day we would use the steel on an assault range. I set the range up similar to a lane at a multi gun match. Close three targets were engaged with pistol, then transition to rifle as you move to the next barrier and engage eight 8'' steel plates at 100 yards that Jeremy also supplied. Then we engaged four more steel silhouettes along with three paper targets. All in all the range was a blast due to immediate feedback.

The assault range...

I'm sure all of you know what rounds do to AR500 steel. As expected 9mm and 7.62 at the ranges we were firing at had no effect on the steel at all. Jeremy did give me one target that had previously been shot three times with AP and told me to use that as the test target. I figured at 50-75 yards green tip 5.56 would eat it up a little but I was surprised. It did have very small dings but the steel is still very usable. We shot 600 7.62, 900 9mm and a little over 2,000 5.56 rounds at these targets in two days and they all still look great.

Anyway I promised Jeremy a review and wanted to let you guys know about the awesome customer service and products from AR15targets.com. The guy just handed me over $4,000 in targets and he doesn't know me from Adam. Awesome time thanks to Jeremy. We all pitched in and now these targets will be at every range we shoot.

Steel Targets

  • Target faces made of 3/8” AR 500 Steel
  • Plasma cut to reduce edge heat affected zone
  • Withstands upwards of 3,000 hits, per side!*
  • Designed to work with pistol and rifle
  • Grade 8 mounting hardware
  • Discounts available for multiple orders!

Electronic Targets

Wired Strobe Light System: A shock sensor attaches to the back of a target and a wired strobe light that is mounted up to 7 yards away.

Wireless System: A transmitter attaches to the back of a target, when the target is hit a signal is sent to a receiver and indicates a hit.

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