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Wired Strobe Light System

The wired strobe light system consists of a small battery operated shock sensor that attaches to the back of a steel target (target sold separately) and a wired strobe light that is mounted up to 7 yards away.

Wired Strobe Light System - $149.99

  • Operates on two standard 9v batteries.
  • RED strobe light can be seen from up to 1,000 yards in daylight.
  • Other colors available by special order. Blue, Clear, Yellow or Green.
  • Weatherproof Pelican case housing.
  • Optional bracket to attach to any steel target with bolts or welding.
  • Can be double side taped, or attached using Velcro to the back of any target.
  • Uses standard audio patch cable to connect shock sensor to strobe light. Can be easily repaired, extended, or replaced at any Walmart or electronic store if needed.

Optional Mounting Bracket - $19.99

  • Used for attaching wired, or wireless modules to the back of any steel plate.
  • Measures 8" tall by 5" wide.
  • Can be bolted or welded.
  • Once installed requires one zip-tie to secure module to bracket.

WARNING! Target shooting of any kind is inherently dangerous. ALWAYS follow safety guidelines set forth by your shooting range. Although our targets are designed to specifications to increase target life, safety and consistency, shoot at your own risk.

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