About AR15 Targets

We strive to create the most functional, durable, and cost effective steel rifle and pistol targets available.

AR15 Targets is a division of Kidd Concepts; a company that has been in the metal fabrication business for over a decade. After having built numerous metal targets for local law enforcement, clubs, and competitions locally the internet sales division was formed, under the name of AR15 Targets to bring our products and services to shooting enthusiasts nationwide.

We have made many different targets for specialized applications in the past, too many to try to represent on our website. We find that the vast majority of people use the same targets for practice and competition, which is why we focus mainly on round, and pepper popper targets. If you have a special need we can most likely accommodate it, just ask!

Our facility houses a state of the art CNC Plasma cutting system, which allows us to cut out nearly any shape or size needed, quickly and efficiently. Because it is computer controlled we can cut at the fastest possible speed reducing the heat transfer to the metal which greatly minimizes the heat affected zone when compared to hand-cut targets like many other manufacturers out there are selling.



Steel Targets

  • Target faces made of 3/8” AR 500 Steel
  • Plasma cut to reduce edge heat affected zone
  • Withstands upwards of 3,000 hits, per side!*
  • Designed to work with pistol and rifle
  • Grade 8 mounting hardware
  • Discounts available for multiple orders!

Electronic Targets

Wired Strobe Light System: A shock sensor attaches to the back of a target and a wired strobe light that is mounted up to 7 yards away.

Wireless System: A transmitter attaches to the back of a target, when the target is hit a signal is sent to a receiver and indicates a hit.

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