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Plate Rack with Remote Reset


Our targets offer the best features and benefits you can find:

  • Remotely Resettable
  • Targets are 8" round plates made of 3/8” AR 500 Steel
  • Has individual protected set screws on each target to adjust sensitivity.
  • Comes with 20' of metal cable for resetting. Just attach additional rope for unlimited distance resetting.
  • Withstands upwards of 3,000 hits, PER SIDE!*
  • Targets are CNC plasma cut to reduce edge heat affected zone
  • Rubber fall stopper to reduce falling clatter, and reduces vibration transferred to base
  • Grade 8 mounting hardware
  • No welds on target to make a weak spot from welding heat affected zones

* Upwards of 3,000 .223 rounds per side, and nearly unlimited handgun rounds. Results may vary due to conditions.

WARNING! Target shooting of any kind is inherently dangerous. ALWAYS follow safety guidelines set forth by your shooting range. Although our targets are designed to specifications to increase target life, safety and consistency, shoot at your own risk.

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