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Wireless System

The system consists of a small battery operated transmitter that attaches to the back of a steel target, when the steel target is hit the transmitter sends a wireless signal that is picked up by the receiver and indicates a hit.

The receiver has a series of LED's on it that display pertinent information to the shooter. Since each receiver is capable of connecting to up to 8 targets at once it comes with 8 sets of LED's. Each set of LED's consists of a green LED that provides confirmation that the receiver and transmitter have a confirmed connection, this connection is re-checked every 30 seconds to ensure the battery life is good, the signal strength is good, and that both units are performing properly. When the target is hit the red LED illuminates immediately indicating that target was hit. A simple reset button on the receiver changes all targets status back to green/ready state.

This system is designed for the long range shooter. It prevents the need to go down range to check paper or reset steel. It will register a hit from a .223/5.56 at 1,000 yards even though the bullet wouldn't have enough energy to knock down a heavy steel plate.

This system works perfectly for precision rifle, sniper, and 3 gun competitions. The RO, Spotter and Scorekeeper can each have their own receiver if desired that connects to the same targets down range. Simply set up to 8 transmitters down range (receivers that connect to more then 8 transmitters available by special order), turn on the receiver, shoot the targets until all of the green LED's turn to red.

Wireless Transmitter - $259.99

  • 2,000 yard reliable range. (Up to 1.5 mile range is possible with ideal conditions.)
  • User defined transmitter ID, 56 possible transmitters can be used at the same location without conflict.
  • Operates on a standard 9v battery.
  • Weatherproof Pelican case housing.
  • Optional bracket to attach to any steel target with bolts or welding.

Wireless Receiver - $299.99

  • 2,000 yard reliable range. (Up to 1.5 mile range is possible with ideal conditions.)
  • One receiver can connect to up to 8 transmitters at once.
  • 8 Green LED's, and 8 red LED's, one pair of LED's per possible transmitter.
  • User defined receiver ID, multiple receivers can receive hit information from the same target. (Spotter, and scorekeeper can both have their own receiver connected to the same targets).
  • Operates on standard AA batteries.
  • Weatherproof Pelican case housing.

Optional Mounting Bracket - $19.99

  • Used for attaching wired, or wireless modules to the back of any steel plate.
  • Measures 8" tall by 5" wide.
  • Can be bolted or welded.
  • Once installed requires one zip-tie to secure module to bracket.

WARNING! Target shooting of any kind is inherently dangerous. ALWAYS follow safety guidelines set forth by your shooting range. Although our targets are designed to specifications to increase target life, safety and consistency, shoot at your own risk.

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