Night Vision & Thermal Optics

Thanks to our sponsor Tactical Night Vision Company (, our customers get to utilize military grade PVS-14 Gen3 night vision optics during nighttime hunts and aerial gunnery events.  In addition if you book your hunt more than a week in advance we will send you a PVS-14 optic one week before your hunt so you can get familiar with it in the comfort of your own home, mount it on your own rifle and show it to all of your friends.  Sorry, you don't get to keep it, you'll have to bring it with you to the hunt.  However, at the end of the hunt we'll make you a great deal on some night vision or thermal gear if you haven't gotten enough of a fix yet!

Our NV optic of choice is the PVS-14 Gen3 ITT Factory PINNACLE Autogated Night Enforcer®

The ITT Exelis PINNACLE PVS-14 Night Enforcer® Monocular is the law enforcement model of the famous PVS-14.  The same unit currently issued to US warfighters across the globe, the ITT PVS-14 uses PINNACLE image intensifier technology; the latest development in state-of-the-art, tactical night vision equipment.  These units are factory built by ITT Exelis.

You can learn more about the PINNACLE PVS-14 Night Enforcer® and the Tactical Night Vision Company at